Bitsy Bird & Robby Rabbit /b/ Rhyming Book

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A fun rhyming book! Learn lots of ‘b’ and ‘bb’ words with Bitsy Bird and Robby Rabbit! Beautiful illustrations. Humorous rhymes! 30 pages.


Bitsy Bird & Robby Rabbit /b/ Rhyming Book

A /b/ rhyming book of b & bb (Approximate Levels: Grades K to 3)

31 pages (PDF) – Written & illustrated by Catherine Au

Introduce your /b/ sound with this phoneme-based, fun rhyming book (poem) featuring Bitsy Bird and Robby Rabbit. Teach lots of ‘b’ and ‘bb’ vocabulary with these 2 fun characters! Also great for teaching rhymes and alliteration in poetry. Beautiful illustrations. Humorous rhymes and adventures. Effective presentation of the 2 spelling choices (or graphemes) ‘b’ and ‘bb’. A must have in your homeschool or classroom library!

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Here are a few sample pages from the book. 


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