Bitsy Bird & Robby Rabbit /b/ Jigsaw Puzzles

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Bitsy Bird & Robby Rabbit /b/ Jigsaw Puzzles

16 Jigsaw Puzzles (PDF) – Designed by Catherine Au

Ready to let your child learn by playing?

After reading Bitsy Bird & Robby Rabbit, get your child to match the 2 different /b/ spelling choices (b & bb) with the two characters, their names, and some of their other cute items! Help them learn to recognize or spell a few simple b or bb words! Just let them PLAY and LEARN at the same time…

Print the puzzles on card stock, or simply print them on regular paper and laminate for durability. Cut along the zigzag lines and scramble…

Buy and download a digital copy now. Have fun and learn with your child!


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