Christmas Card Differentiated Teaching Set

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Christmas Card Differentiated Teaching Set

Set of 20 Christmas cards (PDF) – Designed By Catherine Au

20 cards, 2 different sizes, 14 different designs. Choose from colored designs and black-white ones for coloring. Select from 2 different styles: with a greeting inside: “Wishing you a blessed Christmas!”, or blank inside for your own special message. Fit perfectly into A9 and A2 envelopes if you print on letter size paper!

Use these Christmas cards for a Christmas / Language Arts writing and/or colouring activity to wrap up your Christmas fun and learning this year. Get your students to write a Christmas greeting to a friend or their parents, or both (or have your child write Christmas messages to their friends and teachers). Use the black-white cards with a greeting message inside for children who can only color and sign their names. Use the cards that are blank inside for children who can write their own messages.

TEACHING TIP #1: Demonstrate for the children and show them how to fold the cards on the pre-drawn lines as a fine motor coordination activity. Explain the purposes of the different sections of a greeting card, and teach them to use those folds to guide their writing and coloring.

TEACHING TIP #2: Set your kids up for success by pre-teaching or reviewing language structures and vocabulary for writing the Christmas messages, and include a word bank on the board if desired or necessary.

TEACHING TIP #3: Be sure to set different goals and expectations for different level students. Allow copying if necessary.  

TEACHING TIP #4: Metamorphosize the whole activity into a more light-hearted or “crafty” project by adding glitter or sequins after all the writing and coloring work is done.

Skills practiced: small-muscle coordination (folding, coloring, printing letters, gluing glitter or sequins, etc.), and different levels of phonics and writing skills.

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Here are a few samples from the set of 20. 


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