Christmas Stars & Pine Board Game

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Christmas Stars & Pine Board Game

Christmas Board game for all ages! (PDF) – Designed by Catherine Au

Basically a Christmas theme “Snakes & Ladders” board game played in groups of 2 to 5 people. Go up the STAR if  you land on a square at the bottom of a STAR, and go down the PINE NEEDLE if you land on a square at the top of a PINE NEEDLE.

Use this board game to review Christmas facts and have lots of Christmas fun with your students! Play the game with your whole family at home! Or just play it with your friends, whether you are a child, a teen, or an adult! (Answers on P.2)

Teaching Tip#1: Pre-teach or review the necessary Bible vocabulary as well as the Christmas story as told in the Bible.

Teaching Tip#2: Pre-teach or review all the necessary language and skills needed for participating in a group game/activity.

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