Cowboy Cat & Friends Dig Deeper Activity Sheets

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Dip deeper activity sheets, charts and teacher’s notes go with Cowboy Cat & Friends /k/ Poem, to practice skills such as identifying and filling in the correct /k/ graphemes, writing more vocabulary with those graphemes, and tips for teachers and parents.


Dig Deeper Activity Sheets PLUS Teacher’s Notes

5 pages (PDF) – Written & illustrated by Catherine Au

After reading the poem Cowboy Cat & Friends, have your students dig deeper using these activity sheets. Skills practiced include identifying the correct /k/ grapheme in the character’s names, writing in those 6 graphemes, looking for the correct grapheme in a chart, and using the different graphemes learned to make new words. Make sure you dig deeper yourself – read the tips for teachers and parents!

Use worksheets separately in a class or small group, or laminate for a language center activity. Or both! Tip: be sure to place a Cowboy Cat & Friends /k/ Poem or a Cowboy Cat & Friends /k/ Rhyming Book at your Activity Center to allow for self correction, or simply for enjoyment.

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