ESL Classroom Action/Instruction Flash Cards

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ESL Classroom Action/Instruction Flash Cards

Set of 16 Flash Cards (PDF) – Designed by Catherine Au

Use these BEGINNER’S classroom action/instruction FLASH CARDS to support or supplement your speaking and drilling activities in the ESL classroom. They are fun and effective for both adults and children!

Use them on their own, or to reinforce your TPR (Total Physical Response) mini-lesson! Use them everyday for a warm-up, or as a reminder to follow the teacher’s oral instructions! Combine speaking and action first with TPR, then speaking and visual with these flash cards! Double up your oral effectiveness with beautiful illustrations! Best TESL practice. A must-have essential!

Tip: Don’t use these flash cards during your TPR session. Use them after your TPR mini-lesson as a reinforcement. Or as a review in the next lesson.

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