Beginner ESL Personal Info Flash Cards

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Beginner ESL Personal Info Flash Cards

45 Flash cards (28 single words/phrases & 17 personal information questions) (PDF) – Designed by Catherine Au

Use these 45 single word/phrase and complete question flash cards for drilling and teaching “personal information and favorites” vocabulary and questions. Use them also for eliciting and teaching long or short answers to those questions.

Or, these flash cards can go with our Snakes and Ladders Beginner ESL Personal Info & Favorites board game. Use them to drill and pre-teach, or review, “personal information and favorites” vocabulary and questions before playing the actual board game.

Tip #1: Be sure to go over or pre-teach sample answers to all the questions before playing the board game.

Tip #2: Remember to tell the students if you require short or long answers to the questions on the actual board game. Go over short answers if you simply want a fun game time after a long, hard lesson. Pre-teach or review long answers (complete sentences) if you are using the board game as a production activity at the end of a personal information and/or favorites lesson.

Effective ESL teaching methodology. Best practice. A must have!

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