Snakes & Ladders Board Game K-1 Kitty Freebie

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Snakes & Ladders Board Game K-1 Kitty Freebie

Board game (PDF) – Designed by Catherine Au

Let your students play this fun game in groups of 2 to 5, after a long day of hard work and learning, or just for a review of favorite things, initial consonant sounds, vowel sounds, rhyming words, or counting by 5’s and 10’s, etc…

Instructions: Print and laminate one color copy of Snakes and Ladders Board Game K-1 Kitty Freebie per group of 2-5 students. One die for each group. One counter per child. All counters begin at “Start”. Take turns to throw the die. Use your counter to go the number of squares according to the number on your die. You must attempt to answer the question that you land on. No rewards or penalties for right or wrong answers. Go up the ladder if  you land on a square at the bottom of a ladder, and go down the snake if you land on a square at the head of a snake. Keep going until you reach “Finish”. OR, if you have a higher level group that would prefer some competition and excitement, make correct answers mandatory for staying at the square, wrong answers make you go back to your previous square. The child that reaches “Finish” first wins.

Tip: Be sure to pre-teach or review all the necessary language and skills needed for participating in a group game/activity, as well as for answering the particular questions on the board game.

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