Online quality English / Phonics / ESL lessons offered by experienced teacher Catherine Au:

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate ESL student, whether you want to practice all 4 or any of these English language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing, or you just need your 9-year-old to brush up their phonics, reading or writing skills, or simply get a boost for your 5-year-old’s early literacy… I can help you with a language assessment and set up English lessons for you. I provide English lessons online, whether you are in a different Canadian province or you live in an entirely different continent! 


Background / Beliefs / Passion

I am a qualified teacher / ESL instructor with years of international experience. I taught children from all over the world in a Canadian international school in Hong Kong for 19 years, as well as adult ESL at the British Council and several ESL learning centers in California, USA. Being experienced in teaching both children and adults, and with specific knowledge and experience in teaching advanced phonics skills such as THRASS (a phoneme-based phonics system as opposed to a one-letter-one-sound program), I believe in raising children’s early literacy as well as helping ESL students build confidence in their journeys toward greater success in using the English Language at school, at work, and in their everyday lives. Phonics and reading, as well as teaching pronunciation and conversation, are my passion and specialty subjects.


Pre-assessment and Tailor-made Lessons 

I use our first meeting to assess your level in the English language skills, then tailor-make your lessons to suit your personal needs or interests. I incorporate phonics, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a typical lesson, and use various games and activities to make our language meetings fun yet authentic and practical. You will be introduced to the topics/language structures you want or need to learn, then given a chance to practice and apply the knowledge you have just acquired through more activities and/or games. I am experienced and good at raising children’s early literacy. I can also cater to your individual academic / personal learning needs.


Contact me for a language assessment or more information.